Aquarium Co-Op Air Pump

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  • Up to 6 Hours of Use on Single Charge
  • Powerful Air Flow
  • Automatically Switches to Battery During a Power Outage

The air pump you've always needed is here. Keeping your aquarium water well-oxygenated and your fish healthy in absolutely any scenario (even when the power is out!). Here's how it works: the Aquarium Co-Op air pump utilizes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and can be run continuously for up to 6 hours on a charge. It can also be powered using an external USB battery bank or placed in a stationery position connected to a wall outlet like a standard air pump.

A truly essential piece of equipment that can provide you peace of mind that your aquarium is safe even in an emergency. The air pump operates reliably and quietly in two modes: continuous mode and power save mode (15 seconds on + 15 seconds off intervals to conserve battery).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 267 reviews
Cheryl P. (New Brighton, PA, US)
The backup battery is great!

I love the backup battery on this pump. It save my tank when I didn't realize that the pump had been unplugged.

David L. (Glen Burnie, MD, US)
Happy Customer

I bought the Aquarium Coop Air Pump about a year ago. I have it running 2 large Co-Op Sponges in a 55 gallon. Works great, no issues.

S.B. (Webster, NY, US)
Can't wait for restock!

I'm new to the aquarium hobby, but not new to all of the power failures we experience in my area. So when I learned that Aquarium Coop was selling an air pump with battery backup that automatically kicks on in a power outage, I was sold. I haven't tried any other air pumps (except the nano ones, which I plug into a battery pack when needed) because I haven't found another that does this. Gives me a safety net when the power goes out to get home and/or set up the generator. Hopefully these will be restocked soon so I can put them on my new tanks!

Y.M (Glendale, CA, US)
Works great!

I've had the Coop air pump since early 2022 and it has worked great this entire time. The battery was very helpful in the summer when we had power outages due to too much strain on the power grid (I swapped out my prior pump with the Coop pump for this very reason). It creates about the same amount of background noise as my Tetra Whisper 20 gallon air pump, but has better pads on the bottom, so depending on the surface its on, it runs even quieter than the Tetra.

Lord T.D.E. (Riverside, CA, US)

Makes sense that it's sold out.
You get this for double the cost of the usb pumps, yet with more than double the power.
My first one is running four hydroponic tanks (with the four way gang valve) beautifully.
I guess I'll wait until they're back in stock.