USB Nano Air Pump

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  • Convenient and portable
  • Quiet When running
  • Low power consumption

This small, almost silent air pump is great for nano tanks or for adding an air stone to an existing larger tank. It runs via USB power, which means you can use it with a battery pack backup for cell phones during a power outage. The power cord is 12 feet long and ends in a USB Type-C connector. 

In our testing, the pump uses 1/3 of a watt of power under load. The air output from this pump is lower than standard air pumps, which allows it to run almost silently with very little electricity use. It is best suited to run small sponge filters or an air stone.

With the carabiner clip, you can hang this air pump from above your aquarium — eliminating the need for a check valve. You can also hang it in a car for a long trip to an event or fish store. Overall, these little pumps are extremely versatile.

***Can not be submerged, can't get wet. This air pump only operates outside of an aquarium.***

Produces 0.6 LPM for air

Comes with the USB plug in adapter.

Customer Reviews

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John M. (Windsor, CO, US)
Nano air pump

I have ordered several of these pumps and with the exception of one they have all worked well. One of these pumps had a short life span of roughly 2 months but all the rest have been working well, powering under gravel filters, air stones, sponge & box filters in different 10-20 gallon tanks. Virtually silent in use.
As is usual with all Aquarium Co-op orders, they arrived quickly and were packaged very well.

John p.
Usb nano air pump

Super small Super quiet I love it
P.s. I'd love it more if it was black

Anonymous (Sacramento, CA, US)
USB Nano Air Pump

Great product that’s lightweight, quiet vs all the other air pumps I’ve ever owned, and it’s got a nice long power cord to reach where I need. Most important to me is that it can be powered by portable phone battery charger in the emergency of a power outage.

Jenna S. (Iowa City, IA, US)

Is quiet and works great!

Terry M. (Harrisburg, PA, US)
Great Product

Air pump is very quiet with plenty of air output.