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USB Nano Air Pump

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This small almost silent air pump is great for nano tanks. It also is a decent choice for adding an air stone to an existing larger tank. It runs off USB, which means it's great in a power outage situation with a battery pack back up(purchased from a retailer like amazon*) used for cell phones. In our testing it uses 1/3 of a watt under load.  With the clip you can also hang this air pump from above your aquarium eliminating the need for a check valve. Also gives you the ability to hang it in a car for a long trip fish purchase. These are so versatile.

The air output is lower than standard air pumps which allows it to run near silently and uses very little electricity. This means it is best suited to run small sponge filters or an air stone. Great for shrimp and betta tanks, or making sure oxygen is in your larger aquariums.

Comes with the USB plug in adapter.

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Customer Reviews

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Picked up 2 of these and they work great!

I have one of these for my small 2.5G tank at work and another for my 5G at home in my bedroom. Both work fantastic and are super quiet. I actually hear the bubbles popping on the surface of the water over these pumps. Highly recommend getting the Never Clog air stone, check valve and Ziss air valve along with these pumps if you're setting up a new tank. Allows the ability to adjust the size of bubbles/flow rate easily.

I've kept both pumps running 24/7 for a week so far

Both of my little pumps have been reliable and quite useful in application. Shipment was fast; shipped day of fast (good hustle).

Wow this is so silent and works amazing!

This pump is amazing quality and really is dead silent. Comes with the usb block and cord so is ready to go out of the box. Super handy and great to have.

Super easy

Quiet and works great. Only wish it had a built in battery but of course that would make it quite a bit more expensive.

Very Impressed

I've seen this product on the YouTube channel so many times and I wanted to see it in action. I wanted to try it for my 7.5 gallon betta tank because I wanted an air stone to produce a little surface agitation. Very quiet and when combined with a never clog air stone and Ziss control valve I got the desired results. I also tested it on my medium bar air stone and it was able to produce enough air. Also it is VERY quiet in my opinion.