USB Nano Air Pump

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  • Convenient and portable
  • Quiet When running
  • Low power consumption

This small, almost silent air pump is great for nano tanks or for adding an air stone to an existing larger tank. It runs via USB power, which means you can use it with a battery pack backup for cell phones during a power outage. The power cord is 12 feet long and ends in a USB Type-C connector. 

In our testing, the pump uses 1/3 of a watt of power under load. The air output from this pump is lower than standard air pumps, which allows it to run almost silently with very little electricity use. It is best suited to run small sponge filters or an air stone.

With the carabiner clip, you can hang this air pump from above your aquarium — eliminating the need for a check valve. You can also hang it in a car for a long trip to an event or fish store. Overall, these little pumps are extremely versatile.

***Can not be submerged, can't get wet. This air pump only operates outside of an aquarium.***

Produces 0.6 LPM for air

Comes with the USB plug in adapter.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1583 reviews
Michael W. (Frisco, TX, US)
Great little pump

Works amazingly well for its diminutive size. It is about the size of two Bic lighters stacked but runs my brine shrimp hatchery with ease and silence. Highly recommend!

T. (San Jose, CA, US)
loud after 4 months

9/20/23 Update!! Candi reached out right after my review and immediately engaged with me to resolve my issue, the coop issued me a gift card that covered the pump and shipped, I knew the Coop had great customer service but I really didn’t expect the outstanding level of service I received, my last Nano pump lasted several years so i’m sure my replacement will too rest assured the Coop will make it right. Tony In California.

9/13/23 I love the convenience of these little pumps however after less than 4 months mine is very loud it used to be quiet at first it’s only running 1 aquarium coop sponge filter

Nancy S. (Lansdowne, PA, US)
Love this pump

I have been in the hobby for about 1 1/2 yrs. I have learned to trust products from Aquarium Co-op. Prior to that I wasted enough $ and time to probably open my own shop and failed a lot. I like their products bc a lot of thought goes into their products geared towards newer ppl like me. I have burned out one of these pumps and broke the wire of another. All my fault! Otherwise this pump runs great providing air to all my 5 gallon and 3 gallon tanks. A cpl changes were made to the pump that I noticed. The one I burned out was not that old but I attempted using on 2 nano sponge filters with a split. Works great for single use! The adapter was different on that one also which I am happy they switched back to a universal USB plug. Bonus, this time I received some clear airline tube and an air stone. I like my zist never clog ones but if they included this I will try it out bc I am certain that they are wanting to market their own stones soon and so it must be as good or better than the zist ones. Great lil pump for power outages and travel to and from pet store with fish. Acclimating fish etc but the biggest use for me is the power outages. I went ahead and bought their other battery back up air pumps both single and dbl and use those on my tanks after the last power outage. Trust me don’t wait to back up your air until you lose power bc nothing is worse than feeling like your fish might die of lack of oxygen! My power turned on just as I was purchasing a generator and begging the electric company to do something. They are not concerned with your fish trust me this is the best way to prepare yourself

Mark A. (Cumming, GA, US)
Noisy After 3 months

I bought this in June 2023 and as of early September 2023, the unit is making a horrible high-pitched noise with greater frequency. After reading other reviews, I guess I will need to find a replacement. The unit was quiet at first, so I was happy, but poor quality will have me shopping elsewhere. Which is unfortunate, because I would like to support Aquarium Coop.

Daniel R. (Los Angeles, CA, US)
They've been working great

I have two tanks that are still cycling set up, but the pumps have been working with my sponge filters just fine.