Aquario Neo CO2 Diffuser

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  • Produces Small CO2 Bubbles
  • Made of Break-Resistant Acrylic
  • Easy to Install

This CO2 diffuser from Aquario is one of the best on the market. It features a small, brown ceramic disk which does an excellent job of breaking down CO2 gas into the finest mist of bubbles. The finer the bubbles, the better the CO2 can dissolve in the water and therefore plants have an easier time utilizing the CO2.

The other great part about this diffuser is that it's made out of break-resistant acrylic as opposed to glass so it can very easily be attached to tubing without having to worry about smashing it. Suction cup is included for easy installation. We've found the large size diffuser to work in any aquarium and as such, we only carry the one size. Co2 pressurized gas system required to utilize this product.

Customer Reviews

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Katie S. (Wheeling, IL, US)
Excellent, but stopped working.

Fantastic diffuser, but the air stone stopped letting aid through it. Have to buy another one.

Tim (North Chelmsford, MA, US)
Very nice diffuser

Diffuser is working wonderfully, bubbles so fine that it almost looks like smoke. Dual suction cups are very nice and secure. Instructions are a bit lacking, but you may want to fill the bowl with water to count bubbles - this will need an oral syringe and short piece of air line tubing to do as it requires some pressure and the pipe is quite narrow. This can also be used to help clean the diffuser element later. You will need a pressurized CO2 source too of course, less than 10psi doesn't seem to work well.

Dawid K. (Holmdel, NJ, US)

Aquario Neo CO2 Diffuser

Daniel T. (Hazard, KY, US)
Aquario Neo CO2 Diffuser

This being my first time running a CO2 system I must say through research and looking through quite a few options I finally decided on this diffuser. I have a 75 gallon aquarium and running a 20 lb CO2 tank at roughly 4 bps the bubbles are super fine supplying the Perfect amount of CO2 that in just 2 weeks the visible change of my plants have been spectacular my dwarf hair grass is spreading, Amazon swords growing massive and my horn wart( which grows fast anyways) not only grows faster but stays a wonderful green. I would suggest anyone looking into running CO2 to get this diffuser, another quality product from aquarium co-op !!!

Barry W. (Tampa, FL, US)
Good stuff

Much better than the all glass diffuser which I kept snapping over the years… lets see how it does with algae growth