Dwarf Sagittaria

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  • Propagates Easily by Runners
  • Carpeting Plant
  • Hard Water Tolerant 

Sagittaria subulata or Dwarf Sag is a great plant for aquarists new to planted tanks. It is relatively undemanding and will spread easily to form an eye-catching, grass-like carpet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 485 reviews
Rita T. (Sioux Falls, SD, US)
Dwarf Sag First Time

This was the first time I got dwarf sag. It arrived very well packaged. I was impressed. It’s been a month and it’s starting to grow. Thank you for your attention to detail and your great customer service!

Cynthia B. (Arlington, WA, US)
Dwarf Sagittaria

Plant came in great shape and is doing well in its new home.

John R. (Beachwood, OH, US)
My first online plant purchase

Great purchase. Plant arrived on time, very nicely packed and looked healthy. In the few weeks since planting it has grown beautifully. I will be buying other varieties from the co-op in the future.

James V. (Port Orchard, WA, US)
Happy and Healthy

Plants came in healthy and had a lot of new growth while in the pot. Plenty to plant and to go around.

Weird O.U.K. (Saint Helens, OR, US)
Great mid-tank spreader!

Dwarf Sag is one of my favorites. Doesn't get too tall like Vallisneria does, but spreads the same way. Easy Green and root tabs, and they grow nicely!