Fritz ParaCleanse

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  • Treats Internal Parasites
  • Plant Safe
  • Invertebrate safe

We recommend using Paracleanse to treat internal tapeworms, a problem that nearly all freshwater fish have when purchasing from a pet store. We use this on every fish we receive in our store and in my personal fish room. It has proven to be safe for even scaleless fish, snails, shrimp, fish fry, and plants. We recommend using an airstone in the aquarium when treating with Paracleanse.

Commonly used to treat:
— Gill and skin flukes (Gyrodactylus)
— Swollen abdomen
— Wasting disease
— "Hole in the head" disease
— Internal tapeworms

Customer Reviews

Based on 445 reviews
Stacey H. (Murrells Inlet, SC, US)
Does what it should

I have not had to use this alone but I do use it in quarantine as part of the med trio. Works great and can’t buy from a better place than the coop. Great people and products

Ree (Kingfisher, OK, US)

My favorite place to shop for my fish and tank!

Nadine P. (Atlanta, GA, US)
Fish meds

Aquarium Co-op provided the lower quantities of meds I needed for my nano tank at great prices and saved me a bunch of money. Thanks guys!

James E.B.I. (Hamilton, GA, US)
Fritz ParaCleanse

I always maintain a supply of meds. Used in my quarantine tank and have had no problems with any new fish that goes through the quarantine trio. Great Service and a great product!!!!

William D. (Southern Pines, NC, US)
Para Clense

Excellent product. Works well. I've used it on in my Discus tank when the fish were not eating and it turned them around after following the directions. I highly recommend it and it's a must have in the fish room.