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  • Eliminates Cyanobacteria
  • Safe for Fish, Plants and Invertebrates
  • Fast Results

Quickly and easily eliminate unsightly cyanobacteria in your aquarium with Fritz Slime Out. It is highly effective against common cyanobacteria strains and will not harm plants, fish or invertebrates. Results may be noticed in as little as one treatment of Slime Out, while more severe outbreaks may require multiple doses.

This product does not impact biological filtration. We recommend using an air stone in the aquarium when treating with Slime Out.

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Mark P. (Longview, WA, US)
Stuff works a charm!

Had a breakout of cyanide and spend hours cleaning everything. Dose the tank water change 48 hours later. Waited another 48 and dosed it again. Really like that it did the job!

JANINE H. (San Jose, CA, US)
Fritz Slimeout works

One and done!! One application to get rid of that nasty blue algae.

James P. (DeKalb, IL, US)
Excellent Product - Slime Out

Had a problem with the blue/green slime in my 40 gallon tank.
Bought the Slime Out and after 2 treatments it completely eliminated the problem. I vacuumed the gravel after each treatment and did the 25% recommended water changes. Also remember to remove the charcoal from the filter during treatment. Highly recommended. Very effective if used as directed.

Auballagh (Virginia Beach, VA, US)
This is a BIG GUN. It works!

Purchased this product after reading about it on other, online forums and sites. Fritz Aquatics Slime Out comes highly recommended. And, after using it successfully to treat Cyanobacteria in my tank - I now know why!
Scroll down to post #49, for al the details of my fight vs. The Green Slime Monster
Highly Recommended to treat a Cyanobacteria outbreak in your planted aquarium. This stuff works!

Thomas S. (Grand Rapids, MI, US)

Used a little less than a full package for my 20g tank (each packet treats 25 gallons). In 3 days all my slime algae / cyanobacteria were dead and falling off aquarium decor. One water change later everything looked so so much better.