Hikari Algae Wafers

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  • Ideal Balance of Veggies and Proteins for Plecos
  • Rich in Essential Vitamins
  • Will Not Dissolve Nor Cloud The Water

Hikari Algae Wafers are designed to have the complete nutritional balance that plecos need to thrive. We have found the wafers are a hit with other fish as well such as other species of catfish and even livebearers. This food contains a high level of vegetable matter which algae eaters naturally prefer and enjoy. It will sink right away and will not cloud water.

Customer Reviews

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Jack H. (Dayton, VA, US)

Fast sinking and holds its shape well. The corys will even go after it. Has a pleasant smell.

David L. (Louisville, KY, US)
Copper sulfate

Copper sulfate was left out of the list of ingredients, but is list on the bag. Copper sulfate can be toxic to some species of snail.

Copper in copper sulfate binds to proteins in fungi and algae. This damages the cells causing them to leak and die. In snails, copper disrupts the normal function of the skin cells and enzymes.

Lorrie B. (West Lebanon, IN, US)
cloudy water

i only use ONE tablet every other day and boy does it cloud the water in my tank! :(

J.M. (Saint Clair Shores, MI, US)
Two fins up!

My pleco seems to love it, so I do too!!

Jacob S. (Madison, WI, US)
Best value

Best price for these compared to my local options.