Hikari Vibra Bites

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  • Enhances Color and Growth
  • Unique Worm-Like Stick Shape
  • Excellent Alternative to Live Worms

Hikari Vibra Bites are the ideal dry food for tropical fish who prefer live foods. Vibra Bites are designed to mimic the appearance of live bloodworms and are packed full of natural color and growth enhancing ingredients. Hikari has also included mealworms and garlic for a tasty snack fish thoroughly enjoy. This food is a very slow sinking and makes an excellent addition to any food rotation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 238 reviews
Donald R. (Rochester Hills, MI, US)
Something New

Wanted to be versatile with my discus and bottom feeders. Perfect size and they really enjoy them.

Kathryn G. (Maumelle, AR, US)
My betta chases after these like they’re alive

My betta loves these. Unfortunately he has become quite the picky eater and only wants bloodworms.
Fortunately these are similar enough that he’ll actually eat them and get the nutrients he needs.

Nancy S. (Crum Lynne, PA, US)
Bettas love it

Good quality food and looks like blood worms which is my fishes favorite food. I give them frozen blood worms a few times a week at most and feed a wide variety. Some of my brats won’t eat this but my Bettas all gobble it up. I recommend this food and bonus info.. you get a good amount of food so I keep mine in the freezer divided into portions and take a weeks worth to keep in fish room

Joshua B. (Greensburg, PA, US)
Great product

Perfect product sinks fast

Kurtis S. (Sarasota, FL, US)

I feed it almost daily... Everything eats it from my pea puffers to my angels, blue Acara's to all my live bearers... Everything...! I only ordered it because I must've bought it all in Sarasota Florida... hahaha