Nano Banquet Food Blocks

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  • Packed With Plankton and Spirulina
  • Feeds Tanks for an Extended Time
  • Will Not Make Water Cloudy

Nano Banquet Food Blocks are ideal for feeding the inhabitants of your nano aquarium over an extended period of time. These are especially useful if you go on vacation and want to ensure your fish aren't going hungry. Nano Banquet Blocks can also be part of your regular food rotation as they contain nutritious plankton & spirulina to support the long-term health of your fish, shrimp and snails. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 121 reviews
Matt F. (Eugene, OR, US)
Nano Banquet Food Blocks

Our shrimpy friends enjoy this

Tyler P. (Columbus, OH, US)
Good food

There are always a few shrimp over eating on the block.

Ben W. (Leesburg, VA, US)
It has what shrimps crave

I have two colonies of neocaradinia, and they swarm these cubes. Typically devoured with in 24 hours. Of course they mine out the protien pellets first. Give the litte grazers what the crave with a nano banquet!

Kurtis S. (Fort Lauderdale, FL, US)
Nano banquet blocks

I usually get the big ones from Wet Pets SRQ in Sarasota, Florida, but these are perfect for my 10G rack where 6 of the 24 10 gallons on it have cherry shrimp in them... From the time I drop them in, they are covered with those little red critters...! I also use the Nano, or mini Pleco blocks for my Bushynose/ L-number plecos... Also, mystery snails love em...!!! Keep up y'alls awesomeness...!

Vicki C. (Fort Worth, TX, US)
Zoo Med Nano Banquet

Good product for nano shrimp. Lasts several days.