Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus

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  • Tall Growing
  • Easy Care
  • Wispy Leaves

Pogostemon Stellatus 'Octopus' is a unique stem plant which is very easy to grow and can thrive under low to medium light. Once it starts getting established, it can grow quite tall in a short amount of time and may require regular trimming.

Pogostemon Stellatus 'Octopus' is very eye-catching due to its long, wispy and bright green leaves. It will add interest to any tank while simultaneously providing fish a place to hide out. Because it can get so tall, it makes an excellent midground to background plant in aquascaping.

Customer Reviews

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Barbara S. (Manahawkin, NJ, US)
Live Plants

Healthy looking plant!! Everything I buy from Aquarium Co Op is ALWAYS top notch. All the plants I ordered look great when they arrive. Green and healthy looking always!! And everything arrives in good condition and quickly.

Customer (Austin, TX, US)
Plated in my 20 gallon Long

This a great looking plant. I'll be ordering more soon.

Virginia E.
Great plant!

Still alive and love the look! I even got a snail!

Amanda C. (Lenoir, NC, US)
Excellent Quality

Plant and shipping was excellent quality. We experienced some melting but with the high temperatures in my area it’s to be expected. I was very happy with the size and quality of the plant

Nathan A. (Syracuse, NY, US)
Very pleased!

I ordered mine along with some vallisneria, intending for both to go into my 55 gallon. The pogostemon and val both arrived in good condition, well packaged, in long clear bags and planted in rock wool in plastic baskets as is the usual custom. In mine, the pogostemon was three individual plants a little over a foot long. I found them to be a bit leggy, so cut all of them in half. The bases I planted in my 55, but the more compact top halves I planted as cuttings in my african dwarf frog tank (pictured here)! Pogostemon stellatus is a pretty relaxed plant, as only two weeks later I'm seeing new green leafy growth on the initial plants and the cuttings. Overall, my experience was excellent and I'm very pleased with the plants I got! The val is also doing well, but as per usual it's taking a month to get moving in the new tank so it's still just in stasis while it adjusts.

I am also using aquarium co-ops root tab capsules in both tanks, and the plants definitely seem to be enjoying them! I haven't seen a HUGE boost to overall growth, but even in two weeks I AM noticing a difference. So this is a bit of a 3-in-1 review I guess!