Red Flame Sword

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  • Easy Care
  • Large Size
  • Colorful Leaves

Red Flame Sword is a very easy to grow, yet very impactful aquarium plant. It can have green, red or bronze colored leaves which feature an interesting and eye-catching spotted pattern. At least medium lighting would be ideal for this plant to thrive.

Red flame sword plants can get quite large if left untrimmed and therefore look impressive as a background plant in larger aquariums or even a center piece plant in nano tanks. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 340 reviews
Fritz L. (Blaine, WA, US)
Great Shop!

Believe it or not, my brother from Portland, Maine is the person that told us about the aquarium co-op. He watches their You Tube channel.
Now we make a short detour to their shop everytime we drive down to Seattle.

They are extremely knowledge and their plants and fish are always healthy. We've never had an issue transferring to our aquarium. Previously, this was a problem for us when we were buying from the chain stores in our area.

Remo S. (University Place, WA, US)
Arrived in excellent condition

Every time I have ordered from aquarium co-op, the plants all arrive in excellent condition. Never had better. Thanks!

Jennifer L. (Seattle, WA, US)
Beautiful, full and healthy plant!

Set up a new tank and came into the store for some plants. As always, the selection was amazing and it was hard to choose just a few...but this large and full Red Flame Sword just popped and I knew it was perfect. It's been planted in my tank for about a week now and is thriving. It looks absolutely gorgeous and my shrimp, chili raspboras and celestial pearl danios love to swim through it and lay on the leaves.
In the picture, the Red Flame is planted at the very back.

Rebecca W. (Viroqua, WI, US)

This was my first time getting plants online. The Red Flame Sword plant is beautiful and adds a dramatic presence to my 20 G aquarium. Happy to have found this site!

Virginia M. (Des Moines, IA, US)
Great plant

This plant never did any melting. After about a week it’s started growing and spreading its beautiful leaves! The fish love swimming in and around it,