CO2 Stainless Steel Check Valve

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  • Designed for Pressurized CO2 Systems
  • Prevents Water Siphoning Out of Aquarium
  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
  • Essential for Power Outages

This check valve can only be used with a pressurized CO2 cylinder. The air from a regular air pump will not be able to pass through it.

A check valve is used within airline tubing to prevent water from siphoning out of an aquarium and into a CO2 regulator. Stainless steel check valves are durable and will hold up over time keeping your equipment safe from leaks. A stainless steel check valve is the best choice when using CO2 as it will hold up better than plastic over a long period of time.

The arrow on the check valve indicates the direction of airflow.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Levi L. (Renton, WA, US)
Very helpful for a CO2 setup

I got this for my small CO2 system as I was having trouble with back pressure building up overnight and then delaying the CO2 start time. Put this in line and that problem vanished. Highly recommend.

John H. (Bristol, PA, US)
These check valves changed my life.

Never have I laid eyes upon a more perfect check valve for CO2 lines. Be careful with these bad boys. They’re so awesome, you might throw up. I am in no way leaving this review for the 5% discount code.

Love, John

Jay (Silver Spring, MD, US)
Fixed my Leak

I am not a fan of things that leak. It’s never good. The stainless steel check valve from Aquarium Co-Op solved my disappearing CO2 issue. Replacing the plastic valve I had with this steel one immediately produced results. No more disappearing bubbles for this aquarium.

PlaneFishGuy (Harvest, AL, US)
Best Check Valve I've Used

I purchased this product a second time after seeing the quality of the product on the first purchase. Its fit perfect with my standard airline setup and CO2 specific airline with no leaks. I wish you could get regular check valves of this same quality.

Pleco P. (Johns Creek, GA, US)
Solid and trustworthy

Much better than the plastic ones for sure! Gives piece of mind you won’t drain the tank into the living room.