Aquarium Co-Op Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp Cubes

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  • Delicious treat for fish
  • Similar taste and texture as live brine shrimp
  • Source of natural protein

Aquarium Co-Op Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp is a great treat for almost any community fish. The brine shrimp are gut-loaded with healthy nutrients and freeze-dried into an easy-to-feed cube. When placed in water, the cubes rapidly hydrate and separate out. Fish find them irresistible to eat because they are as close to live baby brine as you can get in a dry food. We love freeze-dried foods as a convenient food to feed because they don't need to be frozen and can sit right near the tank for a quick treat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 182 reviews
Rebecca J.H. (Longview, WA, US)
a lot per block

My fish love these. But there is too much for my fish in one block. Luckly it is easy to pull small chunks off a cube making the food last way longer!

Casey (Spokane, WA, US)
They Love it

I've never had live brine shrimp, so, unfortunately, I have nothing to compare these to other than general fish food. In general, my picky eaters love this stuff when they aren't interested in other foods. I'll definitely keep these as a staple. In theory, they could also entice breeding behavior, too. I would recommend these to anyone with nano fish. I like to crumble it under water. Sticking it to the glass doesn't work so well, because they just float to the top and stay there. Because of that, I find it better to crumble them underwater as you're feeding. This lets the brine shrimp go into smaller "flakes" that stay in the water column for a long of time, simular to having real brine shrimp, which would stay in the water column. If you just throw these in the tank, or stick them to the glass, they tend to float and not provide an enriching experience for your fish. Even so, I think they're wonderful once you break them up as you're feeding them (make sure you're doing this with the cube fully submerged). I'm currently feeding them to white cloud mountain minnows, ramshorn snails, and hillstream loaches. It's always a good idea to add variety to your fish's diet. These [appear to be] a healthy and enriching experience your fish will enjoy. Make sure you're feeding other foods, too, though :).

Dionisia C.
Brine cubes

My goldfish gobble it up!

Janet J. (Chicago, IL, US)
Brine shrimp cubes

Ordered to give my tetras, rasboras and corys and kuhli loaches a more varied diet. Product was sealed well, I soaked one cube with aquariym water to rehydrate. Fish went for it right away.

Dean K. (Pueblo, CO, US)
Great food for fish diet

I really like the convenience of the freeze dried brine shrimp. My fish love it and it provides another staple in their diet.
The bottle is full to the top of food. Not like the competitors.
Another winning product for Aquarium Co op.