Easy Flow Sponge Filter Upgrade Kit

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  • Not compatible with Nano sponge filters sold BEFORE December 2023
  • Increases flow in the aquarium
  • Comes with an air collar to make smaller bubbles

If you already own an Aquarium Co-Op sponge filter but wish you had greater water circulation, get the Easy Flow Upgrade Kit. By lengthening and curving the uplift tube, water flows out of the sponge filter horizontally across the water surface, increasing the current and oxygenation in the fish tank. No need for an air stone because it also comes with an air collar that creates smaller bubbles for quieter sound and optimized sponge filter performance. It works with the Aquarium Co-Op small, medium, and large sponge filters, as well as our nano sponge filters made after 2023.

Aquarium Co-Op Filter Aquarium Co-Op Coarse Sponge Filter with Easy Flow Kit

Increase Circulation in Your Aquarium

No Air Stone Needed

Aquarium Co-Op Filter Aquarium Co-Op Coarse Sponge Filter with Easy Flow Kit
Aquarium Co-Op Filter Aquarium Co-Op Coarse Sponge Filter with Easy Flow Kit

Blends in With Plants

Customer Reviews

Based on 178 reviews
Kevan G. (Silver Spring, MD, US)
Sponge Filter Upgrade Kit

The easy flow sponge filter upgrade kit has worked really well and the flow from the filter has improved substantially! The kit was easy to install and I really liked how easy it is to adjust the tubing height. I appreciate how well the Aquarium Co-Op team continually strives to provide the best aquarium products to its customers!

Adam R. (Charlotte, NC, US)
Easy flow

So far so good. I like that you can control the direction of the flow. I also like that you don’t need an air stone anymore.

Brett M. (Kansas City, KS, US)
Surprising flow

I can't believe how much water this simple upgrade moves with just an airline.

Steve M. (Valparaiso, IN, US)
Good upgrade

Funny how long it took humans to realize this way to enhance a sponge filter. I will be adding this to more tanks.

Janet J. (Elkhorn, WI, US)
Easy flow upgrade kit

Bought and installed on a running sponge. (Removed the ziss airstone which had started to fail anyway. ) Directions in box, very easy to follow. Easily adjustable height. Installed on a 37 gallon which is tall. I love it! The flow doesn't seem to negatively affect my jellybean tetra, strawberry rasbora or the neo shrimp in tank. Have another to install today on a 65 gallon, I'm sure it will be wonderful in there as well.