Easy Flow Sponge Filter Upgrade Kit

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  • Not compatible with Nano sponge filters sold BEFORE December, 2023
  • Increases flow in the aquarium
  • Comes with an air collar to make smaller bubbles
  • Attaches to Aquarium Co-Op sponge filters 

If you need greater water circulation from your Aquarium Co-Op sponge filter, try the Easy Flow accessory. By lengthening and curving the uplift tube, water flows out of the sponge filter horizontally across the water surface, increasing the current in the fish tank.

The Easy Flow sponge filter upgrade kit also comes with an air collar that attaches to the base of the uplift tube. The airline tubing connects to this air collar, which creates smaller bubbles much like an air stone. These little bubbles help to create more continuous flow and optimize the sponge filter's performance.

If you already own an Aquarium Co-Op sponge filter, use the Easy Flow attachments to improve circulation in your tanks. It works with our small, medium, and large sponge filters, as well as nano sponge filters made after 2023.

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Ted T. (La Puente, CA, US)
Nice option for sponge filter.

Keep all the bubbles from forming scale on your lids. Moves a lot of water. I don’t think it would work on a shorter tank.

Brett G. (Canton, MI, US)
Awesome as always

Incredible upgrade to the already great sponge filter!

Hart (Midlothian, VA, US)

Works perfectly, increases flow but not too much. Definitely recommended!

Mark D. (Boston, MA, US)
Radical design

Keeps my guppy’s 5 gall tank clean as a whistle

Barnegat E.
Easy flow up grade

Getting better flow using the up grade kit. Smaller air bubbles , very quiet. Glad I got the upgrades .