Algae Scrubber (3-PACK)

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  • Easily Cleans Green Spot Algae
  • Helps Remove Hard Water Stains
  • Use 1 Per Tank to Avoid Cross Contamination

Stop spending hours scrubbing algae off the sides of your tank and use an algae scrubber sponge instead. Add just a little bit of elbow grease - algae, hard water stains and dirt don't stand a chance. This sponge is small, but mighty. We use these on our tanks at the warehouse and store for touchups and tough cleaning.  You will receive 3 algae scrubbers in each pack. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 333 reviews
Jo1414 (St. Petersburg, FL, US)
It works

I usually will use a bit of coarse sponge or a magnetic scraper to clean my tanks but this works really well. It definitely seems to work better and the tank walls feel cleaner. This is a 3 pack and I cut one sponge into 4 pieces. I used 2 pieces for 8 tanks (ranging from 40GB to 5.5G) Definitely a repeat purchase item.

Sarah (Independence, MO, US)
Best Algae Scrubbers Around

These scrubbers are effective and affordable. They make removing algae from the glass super easy. Just dip in some aquarium water and wipe away! They even work on my glass lids.

Rick C. (Scappoose, OR, US)
Best scrubber I have ever used

I was impressed with this product. It worked better than any other scrubber I have used.

Conner P.
Awesome addition for tank maintenance

Very easy to use. Product work as advertised. I mostly work with nano tanks >10 gallons so I often will cut them in half to easily handle in smaller tanks. Using the aquarium coop tweezers to assist is also an option. Great product overall.

Aj (Seattle, WA, US)
Algae Scubber

These work great to clean on glass, decor, airline tubing and any rocks.