Aquarium Co-Op Unbreakable Catch Cup

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  • Conveniently hangs on side of aquarium
  • Tough, break-resistant plastic design
  • Great for moving fish, plants, food, and tools

The Aquarium Co-Op Catch Cup is the universal tool that every fishkeeper needs. It can be hung from the side of any aquarium with ease and is used for shipping, breeding, moving, observing, holding plant trimmings, and a million other uses. This incredibly durable holding container is made from super clear plastic and is meant to withstand long-term use with your aquariums and fish. The plastic is pliable and break-resistant, even if you drop on concrete.  We love to use these daily at the Aquarium Co-Op retail store. 

Aquarium Co-Op Breeding Supplies Aquarium Co-Op Tough Specimen Container

Inspect and Transfer Fish Between Aquariums

Shatter Resistant

Aquarium Co-Op Breeding Supplies Aquarium Co-Op Unbreakable Catch Cup
Aquarium Co-Op Breeding Supplies Aquarium Co-Op Unbreakable Catch Cup

Photograph and Observe Fish

Customer Reviews

Based on 261 reviews
John S. (Chatham, IL, US)
Very useful for aquarium stuff!

When I have to clean plant clippings, loose leaves, and dead plants out of my aquarium, I've always struggled with how to do it without making a mess. This catch cup is perfect! It holds my tools and gives me a place to put my plants. I need some more shrimp, and this will be perfect for drip acclimating them. It's also very sturdy, so I don't have to worry about it breaking easily.

Weird O.U.K. (Saint Helens, OR, US)
Handy little tote

So far, I've only used mine as a tote for carrying containers of prepared foods around the fish room at feeding time, very handy! Also it's very clear, I can't wait to use it as a photo booth for my guppies! And this weekend I plan to actually move some fishies from tank to tank with it!

Sandra T. (Tampa, FL, US)
Great to have

I like this little container for all of my fish keeping needs

tristan g. (Jeffersontown, KY, US)
A must have for fish room.

perfect for hatching eggs among other things. I have purchased 3 so far.

Ben (Kaysville, UT, US)

High quality plastic. My last one cracked and I had to get a new one. This one feels a lot less brittle than the last one