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  • Treats Internal Parasites
  • Plant Safe
  • Invertebrate safe

We recommend using Paracleanse to treat internal tapeworms, a problem that nearly all freshwater fish have when purchasing from a pet store. We use this on every fish we receive in our store and in my personal fish room. It has proven to be safe for even scaleless fish, snails, shrimp, fish fry, and plants. We recommend using an airstone in the aquarium when treating with Paracleanse.

Commonly used to treat:
— Gill and skin flukes (Gyrodactylus)
— Swollen abdomen
— Wasting disease
— "Hole in the head" disease
— Internal tapeworms

Customer Reviews

Based on 411 reviews
Stella D. (Keller, TX, US)
Fritz ParaCleanse

A great product! Always a part of my trio
for treating my fish.

Timothy B. (Granville, IL, US)
ParaCleanse Medication

I use this mainly in a quarantine preventative trio along with Maracyn and Ich-x. I have had great results with the medication before introducing discus to the main display tank

Elijah R. (Seattle, WA, US)

This order came really fast. Much faster than I expected. The medicine itself worked quite well. I bought a trio of medicine and treated with all 3 because I had a couple different things going on. Ich and fin rot. I lost several fish after bringing fish home from a big box store without quarantine. I have a separate tank for that now. Back to the review, it worked and shipping was SUPER fast

Cullen J. (Seattle, WA, US)

Got rid of the worms after 1 dose. I did 2 extra treatments just to make sure, haven’t seen any since

Angel A. (Evansdale, IA, US)

Fritz ParaCleanse

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