Lindernia Rotundifolia 'Watermelon'

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  • Unique marbled leaves like little watermelons
  • Tall stem plant that forms bushy clusters
  • Easy to grow even for beginners

Lindernia rotundifolia 'Watermelon' is a top seller at the Aquarium Co-Op fish store because of its extraordinary appearance and easy care. This marbled variety has rounded, green leaves with variegated striping that resemble little watermelons.  Unlike most stem plants that look "leggy" at the bottom, the lower leaves of this species are quite hardy and less prone to melting.

Pruning the stems encourages the plant to grow side shoots that create a bushier appearance. (Also, if you notice any shoots producing only green leaves, cut them off to maintain the marbled pattern.) The trimmings can be replanted into the ground to propagate and spread the plant to multiple tanks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lori (Fresno, CA, US)
Watermelon whimsy!!!

This plant came so healthy and happy!!!! I’m floating some and planted some and I’m loving it both ways. The leaves are so striking. I highly recommend this plant. What’s life without whimsy?!? 🍉

Jeff F. (East Stroudsburg, PA, US)
Lindernia rotundifolia 'Watermelon'

Plants are growing and looking great 2 weeks after planting.

Clair L. (Portland, OR, US)

They arrived very healthy and easy to plant and they look excellent!