Aquarium Co-Op Multi-Test Strips

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  • Measures pH, Nitrite, Nitrate, GH, KH, and Chlorine
  • Results in 60 Seconds
  • Available in Two Sizes: 25 and 200 Tests
  • Laminated Comparison Card

Frequently testing your water quality is one of the keys to successful fishkeeping. We developed Aquarium Co-Op Multi-Test Strips to be fast, comprehensive, and accurate — which makes testing your aquarium water easier than ever. Measure nitrate, nitrite, hardness (GH), buffer (KH), pH, and chlorine levels in just 60 seconds.

This test helps you understand your readings with helpful information and suggestions on the laminated color chart we've included. We created these to make your life easier and save you money when it comes to testing your water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 708 reviews
Judy S. (Cooperstown, NY, US)

These test strips are unique and easy to use. As long as you follow the directions, you will get accurate results. What I like most about them is that they use plain language and tell you if the color you get means you need to change your water in the fish tank. I also like that it offers a measurement on chlorine. This is a factor to consider particularly when after water changes you may need to dechlorinate your tank. After a water change and 24 hours I always retest my fish tank to make sure the water parameters are satisfactory.
Love this company! Deliveries are timely and packed well.

John B. (Marlborough, MA, US)
Quick test

Makes checking the water a lot easier and faster

Christopher W. (Corona, CA, US)
The only test strips that I trust!

I've tried others.. even big name brand companies and they are a waste of time and money.
Aquarium Co-Op offers a great item for a great price!

Jeff B. (Goose Creek, SC, US)
Test Strips

These are the easiest and most accurate Test strips that I have ever used , they are even longer so much easier to use and hold on to . The only thing that really doesn’t match to my API master kit and My Seachem PH hang on tester for a the PH is the PH on the strip test low at like 6.5-7 and the Seachem and API and my loacl fish store test it at 7.5

Jesse G. (Pinellas Park, FL, US)
Great product at even better price

Such a great purchase