Xtreme NICE 1.5mm Slow-Sinking Pellets

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  • Natural Ingredients
  • Great for Smaller Cichlids and Community Tanks
  • No Artificial Color Enhancers

Xtreme NICE 1.5mm Slow-Sinking Pellets (formerly Community Peewee) are a great 1.5mm pellet suitable for smaller cichlids, loaches, and goldfish. We find that these types of fish just go nuts for this food. Less picky cichlids such as Bolivian Rams and African cichlid fry love it as well. This food helps encourage breeding, brings out natural colors in fish and promotes good health and growth. Made with natural ingredients with Krill being at the top of the list.

Customer Reviews

Based on 227 reviews
Christian (Portland, OR, US)
Best food for shrimp

The shrimp have plenty of time to eat these pellets before they break up and they go nuts for them. Never have leftovers to clean up. My only complaint is that it is too easy.

Jimmy C.

Really good. Never had any problems. Arrived on time

Christopher (Maryville, TN, US)
Great Food

My fish go crazy for this stuff. It also brings out some nice colors in them.

James K. (Trenton, MI, US)
Extreme nice

Just as the title says nice…. It slowly floats down to the bottom giving the slower feeding fish a chance to get to them …. My tropical fish love them.

Tyler T. (Morgan City, LA, US)
Highly recommend!

As soon as this fish food hits the water my fish go nuts.