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One of the most delightful parts of fish keeping is when your aquarium fish start breeding and making baby fry. Typically, fish breeding behavior occurs when the pet fish are healthy and well-fed, which means you as the owner are doing a great job of caring for your fish. Guppies, molly fish, angelfish, betta fish, discus, goldfish, and African cichlids are some of the most commonly bred freshwater fish by aquarium hobbyists. We offer brine shrimp hatchery kits, baby brine shrimp eggs, and tiny fry foods that are perfect for feeding your baby fish. You may also need a fish breeding box or breeding net to protect the new fry from being consumed by hungry adult fish.

Some aquarium animals require special breeding materials in their breeding tank to promote successful reproduction. For example, you may need a pleco cave, apisto cave, or coconut hut to provide egg-laying spots for bristlenose plecostomus, Apistogramma cichlids, Kribensis, and many other types of catfish and cichlids. Catappa leaves are often used for breeding betta fish and blackwater fish species, and cholla wood is a good food source and shelter for baby shrimp and fish. Whether you are fish breeding for profit or just for fun, we have the fish breeding supplies you need to raise the next generation of baby fish.