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  • Promotes Healing Naturally
  • Adds Tint to Water
  • Great for Bettas

Catappa leaves also known as Indian Almond Leaves come from the Terminalia catappa tree. They have chemical healing properties which may naturally help fight off mild bacterial, fungal or parasitic infections. Therefore, these leaves are great for many different types of livestock including bettas, shrimp, community fish and more. 

In nature, Terminalia catappa leaves will fall into rivers and other bodies of water and will tint the water a rich brown 'tea' color as they break down. This is due to chemical compounds found within the leaves called tannins. For this reason, Catappa leaves are often used in blackwater setups to achieve deeper brown colored water and for leaf litter on the bottom.

Customer Reviews

Based on 302 reviews
TiffanyTK (Washington, MO, US)
Catappa leaves

Always big and clean leaves I put them straight in my tank and my Gouramis love the cover. Will only buy from Coop. Trustworthy, quality!! Thank you

Elena K. (San Jose, CA, US)
Good leaves

I use lots of botanicals in my tanks, catappa leaves ones of them and my shrimp, ottos, plecos love them!

Stacey W. (Waterford, CT, US)
Second to none

I’ve seen catappa leaves for sale at my local fish stores and they are extremely small and pricey. The co-op ones are a nice large size and you get 10! They fall to the bottom quickly and give off a lovely tea-colored hue to the water. Great product, great price, period.

Kendra G. (Rapid City, SD, US)
Huge leaves

All my animals love these leaves

Sky J. (Bloomington, IN, US)
Catappa Leaves

So far it is okay ...