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10 Catappa Leaves

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Catappa leaves also known as Indian Almond Leaves, are great for Shrimp, Bettas, healing mild bacterial and fungal infections etc.

For shrimp, replace the leaf when it has been mostly consumed. For Bettas and other fish where we are using the tannins for healing properties use them until they stop turning the water brown. We use 1 leaf per 5 gallons. Can also be used as leaf litter for species like Apistogrammas etc. You get 10 Catappa leaves per package. 

* Due to the natural nature of this product we cannot guarantee it will look exactly as pictured *

Customer Reviews

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HUGE Leaves

I ordered these because the mini were sold out. They are HUGE, as expected. I ended up cutting a leaf up to make leaf clutter on the floor of one of my tanks and I love the look.


These were perfect for my red cherry shrimp tank and bettas. Each leaf is huge! So big I used only 2 so far for my 3 tanks. The order process was easy, was also fast shipping and my order was right.

Great Catappa Leaves!

The leaves are huge! Great value for the price! Did a good job releasing tannins into my betta tank.

Catappa Leaves

These things came in huge I bought some from a different supplier and they were small in comparison to these these came packaged great just wish the package was resealable but I have ziplock bags really helped in my angle tank

The Almond Leaves

Very Good Product, had to buy this leaves to help re-grow the tail one of my bettas that found the way to sneak to his betta neighbor side of the division, thye had a fight and read and knew from experience that the almond leaves not onlyu helps re-grow fins but also acts as a naturla medicine and can help give food to the baby fish when they're born.. Gave 4.5 Stars because wish it came in a resealable bag (Ziplock). I had to transfer them all to a Ziploc, so they don't become saggy.