Penn Plax Deluxe Net Breeder

Penn Plax Deluxe Net Breeder is the baby saver for any ideal livebearers and or egglayers! Comes with plastic breeding grass for baby fry to hide in and keep from jumping. This net breeder also floats.

Dimensions are 6 3/4" x 5 1/2" x 5 5/8"

Customer Reviews

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Great little breeder

Bought ahead of time and was able to snap it together quickly when I saw the first little wiggler hiding from bigger fish. Putting it together took just a couple minutes. Gotta snap the walls in place just right but once together it is solid.
I've been really pleased with this. Seems to allow fresh water in and stale water out and the fry are kept in place. Some of the other net breeders are net bags around a plastic frame and there is risk of the delicate little creatures getting caught between net and frame. This Penn Plax Deluxe Net Breeder is made of net walls, so no chance of crushing the fry. Well done, Penn Plax.
The fry grew up fast so it was time to place them in a larger tank as more fry need this sanctuary. Cleaning this net breeder was a breeze. I just used a soft bristle toothbrush and some tap water and it cleaned up beautifully.
The price point was just right. Good quality and cost low enough that I bought another one to have on hand for immediate separation needs (fry mostly, but I've got some smaller fish and some with bully problems, so having a 'time-out' box for the bully or the victim is nice to have until I can re-house one of them).
As always, quick shipping from Aquarium Co-Op. Thanks!

Works but quality needs improvement

As a whole, the net breeder works as intended. Maybe it is just my product but the problem I had was that the 4 end pieces that fit into the 2 plastic rods are too big. Forcing them into the rods caused the rods to crack and/or break. I had to use super glue to finally get it to fit together.


Need a little muscle to snap together. But definitely worth it. Very sturdy and light weight.

Saving the little ones.

This has worked great for saving our baby guppies from getting eaten. The one change I made was removing the plastic plants and adding moss for cover.

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