Algae Scrubber (3-PACK)

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  • Easily Cleans Green Spot Algae
  • Helps Remove Hard Water Stains
  • Use 1 Per Tank to Avoid Cross Contamination

Stop spending hours scrubbing algae off the sides of your tank and use an algae scrubber sponge instead. Add just a little bit of elbow grease - algae, hard water stains and dirt don't stand a chance. This sponge is small, but mighty. We use these on our tanks at the warehouse and store for touchups and tough cleaning.  You will receive 3 algae scrubbers in each pack. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 290 reviews
Tamara R. (Fresno, CA, US)
Algae Scruber

I love them! They make it so easy to get already off glass!

Thomas S. (Colorado Springs, CO, US)
My favorite type of algae scrubbers.

These are my favorite tool for removing algae from aquarium glass and decorations. Good item price and you can't beat the Aquarium Co-Op shipping speed or price.

Mollie L. (Ithaca, NY, US)

What a bargain! These things are fantastic! I bought a more expensive magnetic scraper and these are better by far. Now I'm routinely wiping the sides of the aquarium every few days -- I have a green algae problem -- and these make it so much easier.

Luann (Waldport, OR, US)
How did I live without these all this time?

Super effective! Easily removed everything on glass.

Elizabeth B. (Moravia, NY, US)
Algae scrubbers scrub more than algae

The algae scrubber work very well on algae, but I find that also work well on waterline scale from RO additives and above waterline dried on plant mater, like duckweed. They are also very soft and easy on your hands. My hands are in my tanks a lot, and the sponges work to remove algae without being rough on wet skin and nails. that is a hard to find combination.