Fritz Complete Water Conditioner

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  • Eliminates chlorine and chloramine from tap water, ensuring safety for aquatic life
  • Detoxifies ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate for stable water parameters. Won’t alter pH levels
  • Alleviates sudden ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate spikes temporarily
  • Fish, invertebrate, and plant-safe
  • Proudly made in the USA

FritzComplete is an all-in-one water conditioner and nitrogen cycle stabilizer. It rapidly eliminates chlorine and chloramine present in tap water. It also neutralizes toxic compounds and binds heavy metals that are harmful to aquarium fish.

As the only retailer offering Fritz Complete with a standardized pump dispenser, dosing is made quick and easy no more overflowing bottle caps!  (Pump dispenser included with 8oz size only)                                                           Just add one pump per 10 gallons.

Did you know that your tap water is unsafe for aquatic life and can trigger stress and disease, which may result in losing fish?

Because of this, dechlorinating your tap water is a must. The quickest and easiest way to do so is by using a water conditioner.

Most municipalities add chlorine or chloramine to tap water, rendering it safe for humans by killing bacteria and other microorganisms that would make us sick. But the levels that are used can have dire effects on our aquariums.

Untreated tap water can rapidly kill off colonies of beneficial bacteria and microfauna, destroying the established cycle of your aquarium. Fish can become stressed and develop disease, which may lead to a die-off in your aquarium.

Fritz Complete’s concentrated formula makes tap water safe for aquatic life by quickly eliminating chlorine and chloramine present in tap water. It also contains a chemical binder that renders ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate non-toxic for up to 24 hours, allowing your filtration to break down these compounds even further. Lastly, it works as a buffer to temporarily alleviate sudden parameter spikes, reducing die-off by stabilizing water chemistry until further action can be taken.

We offer a standardized pump dispenser with the 8 oz bottle for quick and easy dosing. An Aquarium Co-Op exclusive, the pump head isn’t available through any other online retailers. The pump comes free with your purchase of the 8 oz bottle. Just add one pump per 10 gallons!  

Fritz™ Complete Water Conditioner is a no-brainer for all aquarists as the easiest, most effective way to treat your tap water, making it safe for aquatic life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 314 reviews
Robert A. (Wichita, KS, US)
Easy to use!

I only have 3 tanks. My largest is a 55-gallon. I have been using Sodium Thisulfate crystals only. I have used other products in the past. I liked that Cory included the pump dispenser. The bottle states 1 tsp. per 50 gal. 5 pumps equal 1 tsp. ( I measured it) I use 5 gallon buckets. I just squirt 5-6 shots into a bucket then fill it with water. I have natural dirted aquariums so I can't disrupt the substrate. I pour from a pitcher through a fry keeper to diffuse the water. I have used Fritz twice now and so far so good. Incidently I do not use any other chemicals in my water. Thanks Cory!

Justin R. (Whitley City, KY, US)
Does what it’s supposed to, works great.

Never had any issues. Have treated freshly poured gallon jugs and immediately tested for chlorine. Has always been clear. I use the bottle with the pump when doing big water changes and treating 10 gallons at a time but also have the smallest bottle for 1 gallon at a time water changes in smaller tanks.

Will (Atlanta, GA, US)

Fast delivery I was hoping I would've gotten the pump to go w/ it. Maybe I wasn't paying attention to the correct size bottle for it. Oh Im happy and satisfied though w/ my water conditioner

Eric N. (Cincinnati, OH, US)
Easy and trustworthy!

Fritz complete makes my life much easier! I know that if it’s good enough for Aquarium Co Op it’s good enough for me!

Kyle S. (Portland, OR, US)
Great product

I enjoy the ease of using the pump bottle instead of having to measure out the liquid