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  • Hole in the Bottom Center Allows Plant Roots to Reach Substrate
  • Works in Bare Bottom Tanks
  • Keeps Fish From Digging Up Plants

These planters great for setting up an easy aquascape. They allow you to move the plants as often as you want and keeps fish from digging up your plants. They are especially great for goldfish and African cichlid tanks. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 524 reviews
Erika S. (Mesa, AZ, US)
Good planter

Looks nice and holds a plant well!

Kenneth V. (City of Saint Peters, MO, US)
Stops plant destorer.

Finally something that stops my Parrot fish from digging and destroying plants. Highly recommended.

Lori (Visalia, CA, US)
The One

Decorating made easy! Planting made better! If you struggle with plants floating or getting destroyed (catfish, much?), grab an easy planter. I even put stem plants in mine (snip out the bottom of the basket). Just buy it!

Kevin H. (Woonsocket, RI, US)
Natural Easy Planter

I enjoy that this planter looks good in the aquarium as decor, as well as giving a live plant a foothold to grow in. I enjoy that I can move the plant around the aquarium with ease. I don’t have to worry about breaking roots.

Simon L. (San Diego, CA, US)
Rock looks great in my tank!

Great durable rock. The fish love it and it looks nice in the background. Does it’s job of holding the Anubias I got from the store!