Ziss Bubble Bio Moving Bed Filter

Finally someone has made a moving bed filter that runs off of air and fits into our aquariums! We don't have to try and DIY them anymore. These units are great because they come with an easy to remove intake sponge and the media starts moving from day one. Unlike k1 media where it can take days to weeks for it to start moving. Taking out all the guess work and making it simple hook up to an air pump and getting all the benefits of oxygen in the water and a super charged bio filter.

If you've never seen this before, they're so great because they constantly rub against each other and cleaning the medium as well as only letting the strongest bacteria survive. With oxygen traveling through, the oxygen rich water combined with strong bacteria handle large amounts of ammonia in comparison to other types of filters.

We feel this filter is best suited for 20 gallon and larger aquariums. One Ziss Bubble Bio can handle up to 40 gallons by itself. Best combined with a sponge filter or hang on back as this will handle your biological load in the aquarium and some mechanical, but if you want crystal clear water you'll want to add a mechanical filter like a sponge filter or hang on back to the mix.


Customer Reviews

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Working and pricing is very good.... note there is a sound.

I viewed the filters in the Aquarium Co Op Store... they are in a lot of the tanks. For me this will be a filter to use as a move around when jump starting new tanks or as needed etc... I’m a matten filtration person and my tanks are mostly working off of air so this works perfectly.
So it was basically plug in an airline and it worked for me.... maybe because my air supply is good but I’m not noticing any problems It’s just like I saw it working at the Aquarium Co Op. I priced them online and they are less than half the price here so I’m probably going to be getting a couple more..... sure hope they keep carrying them.
Also note... the bubbles coming out the top don’t make as much noise as a regular sponge filter in my opinion but the plastic balls rattling around make a kind of chatter. It sounds like a very small bartender is shaking a tensy wensy martini.... so that’s what it sounds like to me.
This is a long review but I am certainly picky about filters and would be interested... the suction are really good and I believe that this filter would even attach to a rounded tank.
I placed the filter in the back of a 55 gallon and it pretty much disappeared. So for me this filter will be a good tool in my fish keeping hobby.
Finally I am confident that this filter will work and do what it is intended to do as the design is nothing new.... it just looks so much better than a soda bottle or a mayo jar.... and I like that.

Great addition to my Fluval Flex 32.5

I purchased the Ziss filter from the co-opa few weeks ago and have absolutely loved it. It works just as everyone has reported.

I did make a small adjustment (per the recommendation of a very helpful co-op employee) and replaced the intake sponge with a much more course sponge... Keeping it from clogging and reducing the frequency I need to clean it.

I added this filter to my Fluval flex 32.5 gallon aquarium, just for some added filtration after adding a Spotted Congo Puffer. So far, things seem even more stable than before!

Very impressed

So far I’m really impressed with the way the filter works, seems to be keeping the media clean, nitrate are already lower (20ppm)

Great bio filter, works great !!!

Purchased an initial unit to try it out and it was extremely efficient in reducing my nitrites in my 55 gallon tank. Upon those results, I purchased two additional units which have made all the difference in stabilizing my other aquariums. I think they are an effective and inexpensive way to maintain your aquarium water quality without an expensive equipment upgrade. Worth every penny.

As awsome as expected!

Took about two days to fully fluidize but it is working like a champ! Put it in my 20 gallon long just tilted to the side a little and it works great as a filter and something to add interest/water movement. Still testing its bio capacity but I have high hopes once it gets properly colonized with bacteria. If you enjoy the microbiology of aquariums you will love this filter

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