Aquarium Co-Op Auto Feeder

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  • Automatically Feeds Fish Up to 4 Times Daily
  • Runs on Long-Lasting, Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 Year Warranty

The Aquarium Co-Op Auto-feeder is perfect for everyday use whether you're at home or away from your fish tanks. Never over or underfeed your fish again as this unit reliably dispenses accurate portions of food every time it feeds. This feeder can be programmed to feed up to 4 times per day and runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Users may be able to get 3-6 months on a single charge, making it extremely easy to use and low maintenance.

The adjustable slider opening on the top of the feeder allows you to set your desired portion - small to large or anywhere in between. Excellent for fish tanks of any size. The manual 'feed' button allows for feeding outside pre-programmed times.

Can fit on rims <0.9" (24mm) or mounted on a flat surface with provided adhesive pad.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 273 reviews
Deborah C.

Aquarium Co-Op Auto Feeder

Aaron (Appleton, WI, US)
convenient and reliable

i've owned other auto feeders in the past, and compared to them, this one is...

-easy to fill
-easy to program
-easy to charge via Micro USB (vs. replacing AA batteries)

This device is a nice & convenient way to keep the aquarium inhabitants fed while we're away. I am happy with this purchase!

Ronald M. (Vicksburg, MI, US)
Auto feeders - great product

I ordered 11 of these recently. Shipping was fast. All worked well. Easy to program. The only improvement I would make is to have a larger attachment bracket that would work on my 55 gallon tank.

Kevin (West Milwaukee, WI, US)
Works great

It was so helpful having the video on YouTube!

K.S. (Cleveland, OH, US)
Reliable and easy to use

I've been using 2 full-time (i.e. not just if I'm traveling or something) since fall 2021 and they've been rock solid. (It is now May 2024.) When I watch my fish I check the food level a few times a week. One is next to where I sit in the evening, and I scheduled a feeding between my usual dinner and bed times, so if I don't hear it/get to watch the kuhli coaster feeding frenzy, I check the batteries in both. I am a fan. Easy to adjust frequency and amount if the tank population changes, and it feeds more regularly and frequently than I can do by hand.