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  • Increases Filter Capacity
  • Prevents Small Fish and Debris from Getting Sucked Up
  • Uses Coarse Foam to Extend Time Between Cleaning

The pre-filter or intake sponge is a simple foam cylinder that is designed to slip over the intake tube of hang-on-back (HOB) and canister filters. The filter intake tube often has large openings that allow sizable objects to get sucked up by the filter, potentially ruining the motor, so use a pre-filter sponge to help prevent baby fish, dwarf shrimp, little snails, plant leaves, fish food, and other debris from entering the filter. (depending on filters suction, and size of animal, tiny fry/shrimp/snails can still get through in some cases)

An intake sponge also provides valuable surface area to grow beneficial bacteria, which purify waste chemicals in the water and make it safe for your fish to live in. Finally, it adds mechanical filtration that extends the life and efficiency of your filter media.

Find out which sponge size to get and how to properly fit it to your hang-on-back or canister filter intake by  viewing the sizing chart and video below. (Click the "Show More" button to expand the Directions/Specifications section.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2392 reviews
Emily R. (Hays, KS, US)
It fits

Wasn’t sure it would fit on my old hang-on-back, but it fits like a dream. No zip-ties needed. Cheers

John K. (Damascus, OR, US)

Works great!

Derek R. (Charlotte, NC, US)

Does the job with less maintenance.

David B. (Ridgeville, SC, US)
excellent product

I have a lot of Fancy Guppy fry. Now I don't have to worry about them being sucked up in the filter.

Duane B. (Charlotte, NC, US)
Pre-filter Sponge

Best investment to keep small invertebrates and small fry from going into the canister filter. Plus you get the added bonus of beneficial bacteria growth on the coarse sponge and keeping large to medium particles out of your filter because they collect on the sponge. Very easy maintenance clean the sponge once a month without issue.