Ziss Bubble Bio Moving Bed Filter

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  • Creates a Strong Colony of Beneficial Bacteria
  • Tough and Durable Construction
  • Great Filter for Turtle Tanks

The Ziss Bubble Bio Moving Bed Filter is the first of its kind that runs off of an air supply and fits inside the aquarium. These units are great because they come with an easy to remove intake sponge and the media starts moving from day one. While this filter runs, the media inside is constantly rubbing against itself which keeps the media clean and allows the strongest bacteria to thrive. With oxygen traveling through the air intake combined with strong bacteria - these filters can handle large amounts of ammonia in comparison to other types of filters.

Customer Reviews

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J.S. (North Little Rock, AR, US)
suction cups can work

This is the product that taught me there is such a thing as a good suction cup. My Oscar still knocks it off occasionally, but I can't remember when one of these detached in a tank with little fish. If you crank the air, it is a little loud, but the bubbles are louder the way I run them. It does take a few weeks for bacteria to grow and grease up the media so it flows at lower air flow rates. I also think the sponge intake filter is easier to clean than standard sponge filters.

Michael H. (Vale, OR, US)
2 year review

After 2 years the filter stopped working. The great thing is it is extremely easy to take apart and clean. Back up and working like it was the first day.Great filter!!!

B. (Munster, IN, US)
excellent bio-filtration

I don't have the ziss one. I have one from Amazon after learning the concept from pondguru.

Not the greatest for mechanical or chemical filtration. Reading the negative reviews makes me feel like they don't understand what it is good at.

It's strength is largely self cleaning and supercharged biological filtration, and there it excels. Been running mine on a heavily stocked tank for years and it enabled the bad habit of hardly testing my water because I never had ammonia or nitrite showing up on tests. It's not your greatest solution for nitrate.

It excels at what it was meant for, and it makes tank maintenance easy.

BRIAN H. (Bethlehem, PA, US)
Work’s Perfectly & Looks Great!!!

Using this for extra biological filtration and it just looks nice in the tank. It’s much bigger than I was expecting. Easy to set up. Suction cups are really good. It took a few hours for the media to start really moving good after running over night the next day it was flowing nice.

Frank C. (Mesa, AZ, US)
Great with one suggestion

Really like this filter for what it's designed to do. The one suggestion I have is to PLEASE start selling the smaller ZB-200 for shorter/low aquariums. I essentially need to clear nearly all of the substrate below the filter so that it doesn't constantly clog or trap/suck up fish beneath it.