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Easy Fry and Small Fish Food

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Best Seller

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This food comes in a squeeze bottle so you can feed lots of tanks fast and efficiently. After testing it for many months and seeing the results in my fish, I have decided to offer it up for sale so that you too can take advantage of the growth and health. Great for fry and small fish like tetras, rasboras, danios and guppies. If you'd like to see the food in action, watch this video.


Ingredients: Salmon Fish Meal - Dried Yeast - Marine Protein - Spirulina - Kelp - Vegetable Products - Fish Oil - Lecithin - Calcium Phosphate - Vitamin Supplements: A, E, D-3, B1, B12 & Biotin - Stabilized Vitamin “C” - minerals and amino acids

  • Min. Crude Protein - 55%
  • Min. Crude Fat - 18%
  • Min. Crude Fiber - 2%
  • Min. Phosphorus - 1.3%


Customer Reviews

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Was Unsure at First

I was a little unsure at first because it's very different than flakes. It took some time to figure out how get the stuff to come out (keeping it a more horizontal works better for me), how hard to squeeze (light ones work best) and how much you actually give the fish (I give 2-3 squeezes for 15-20 tetras and danios). Plus, since the food is so much smaller than flakes, I changed my feeding time to when the light is on in the afternoon because the fish see it faster. Once that was sorted out, it is definitely easier to feed and the fish go crazy over it. Don't be afraid of change - give it a try!


I feed this to all of my tanks. Especially my tanks with shrimp or nano fish in them. All the fish seem to love it and the shrimp will sometimes hang out upside down at the surface to get some pieces. I like the bottle so much I got smaller versions and have a small bottle of this food near all my tanks at home and at school!

Quality food

Great food that gets my plecos out eating.
Only down side i found it was easy to over feed. I had a slight snail explosion in a 10 gallon because of it, but the fry go crazy for this stuff!

Love it!

Having the fry food in the bottle is very convenient. Also my fish love it.

Just great!

Very happy, and it was super quick .....the product, just awesome love it. Is not going to be my only time that im going to buy from aquarium co-op, thats for sure!