Easy Fry and Small Fish Food

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  • Easy Squeeze Bottle for Fast Feeding
  • High Protein
  • Refillable

After many years of breeding fish and running a large fish rooms and fish stores, I developed this food and method for fast feeding of Fry and Small fish. With the easy squeeze bottle, feeding is now a one-handed operation and your other hand can manage your aquarium tops without difficulty. With all the time saved, you can feed a high protein food several times a day which leads to much faster growing fish, more intense coloration and more babies. If you have large aquariums or ponds, you can cut the opening larger to feed more with each squeeze.

Customer Reviews

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A.H. (Portland, OR, US)
A lifesaver for feeding Sundadanio!

My shrimp and neon tetras love this food, my Sundadanio axelrodi need this food. It's the only prepared food that is small enough, palatable enough, soft enough and sinks slowly enough to be edible for them. I speak as someone who has tried all of the major nano pellets on the market. Nothing else fits in their mouths out of the container. I feed them artemia and frozen daphnia as often as I can, but I want them to have the vitamins and minerals included in a prepared food option. I also want to be able to leave town for the weekend without needing to ask my pet sitter to defrost food or hatch artemia. Really, really pleased with this option, and two of the little poofs that come out with each squeeze is the perfect amount for my school. I love how simple it is!

MMM (Laramie, WY, US)
Easy small fish food

Really like this easy to use food. The bottle is perfect for feeding small amounts of

Robert M. (Lawrenceburg, IN, US)
Easy Fry Food

Easy to feed and fish eat it.

Glenn O. (Norcross, GA, US)
Easy to Use Bottle

So far so good, my Cardinal Terras like it and I’m really impressed with the bottle. Very novel way to feed food.

Robert C. (Carrollton, GA, US)
Prompt shipping

I just got my order and haven’t had a chance to evaluate the products yet but shipping was prompt and order arrived correct and in good condition.