Hikari Betta Bio Gold Pellet

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  • Package Features an Easy to Use Spout
  • Floating Pellet Helps Eliminate Over-Feeding
  • Rich in Natural Color Enhancers

Hikari Betta Bio-Gold is developed with the ideal nutritional balance for Betta fish in mind. It contains high quality proteins as well as spirulina for plenty of essential vitamins. This could be a daily diet for your betta or simply mixed into your rotation. The pellets remain floating at the top of the water for the Betta to easily access and for the caretaker to be able to monitor how much has been eaten. This package comes with a twist-off cap and spout which is resealable for super easy feeding.

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Anonymous (Sacramento, CA, US)
All my Bettas love it

The pellets are perfect size for my Bettas. Other brands the bites are too large. Highly recommend along with a varied diet

K C. (Perry, OH, US)
Great food for our little guy

Our Betta loves these pellets. We do feed him a variety of food and this made a great addition to the rotation.

Michael I. (Interlochen, MI, US)
Betta thinks it’s delicious!

I actually ordered the Hikari Betta Bio Gold pellet before I had my Betta. Once he was settled in and eating, I gave him several choices of food (pellets and flakes), watching him carefully to see what ate and what he ignored. I’ve made some eliminations, although I still give him a variety, “BUT" this pellet is by far, his favorite!

Kurt B. (Troy, NY, US)
Hikari Betta Pellets

My Betta loves this food! He cannot get enough!

Debbie C. (Simpson, NV, US)
Turq, the Betta and friends.

Turq and his Albino Cory's seem to love their Hikari Bio Gold pellets. They get very excited when I dump some in their aquarium. The pellets come out fast so be aware.