Hikari First Bites

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  • Semi-Floating
  • Rich In Nutritious Ingredients
  • Resealable Package for Maximum Freshness

Hikari First Bites food is designed for feeding and raising small fry. It contains highly nutritious, balanced ingredients designed for baby fish to develop excellent body form, disease resistance and for proper organ development.

First Bites are semi-floating which allows fry at all different levels of the aquarium access to feeding. It also works great for feeding filter feeders such as bamboo shrimp.

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Omar (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Pretty good

It was good

I. H. (St Louis, MO, US)
I use it to feed bamboo shrimp

This is probably not the intended purpose of this food, but I use it to feed my bamboo shrimp. I sprinkle some over a power-head a few times per day and it distributes it into the water column. The nano fish in that tank like it as well. The package is very small but lasts me a very long time.

Kenny M. (Fort Bragg, NC, US)
Hikari first bites

When your fry are too small for Brine shrimp try these Hikari first bites. It’s a great little food.

Nona M. (Antioch, CA, US)
Hikari first bite

I bought this several times at our home store here before I ordered it from you. I also raise mystery snails and use them while they are very small. Love the food

Tony L. (Chicago, IL, US)

My guppy and endler fry love it.