Nano Banquet Food Blocks

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  • Packed With Plankton and Spirulina
  • Feeds Tanks for an Extended Time
  • Will Not Make Water Cloudy

Nano Banquet Food Blocks are ideal for feeding the inhabitants of your nano aquarium over an extended period of time. These are especially useful if you go on vacation and want to ensure your fish aren't going hungry. Nano Banquet Blocks can also be part of your regular food rotation as they contain nutritious plankton & spirulina to support the long-term health of your fish, shrimp and snails. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Adam B. (Phoenix, AZ, US)

My Shrimp and snails love it. I would recommend it to anyone with either

Pedro C. (Carolina, PR)
Great for snail breeding

I use them to keep my snails feed while breeding, they ad a good amount of calcium to the water that helps shell growth.

DEREK M. (Cleveland, TN, US)

Nano Banquet Food Blocks

Ben B. (Fairfax, VA, US)
Loved by everyone

I put one of the blocks in the center of my aquarium of 20-35 cherry shrimp and about 20 baby mystery snails (it’s a bit of a problem). In less than 5 minutes almost every single one of them were climbing over each other to get it. Despite the numbers, it actually did last multiple days and did not dissolve or spread out through the tank. I even caught my neon tetras picking at it when the snails left. Overall: solid product and lasts a lot longer than other wafers or blocks seem to.

Erik W. (Saint Clair Shores, MI, US)
Great Shrimp Food

My neos loooooove these!!