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  • Spirulina Algae as Main Ingredient
  • Balanced Diet in Gel Form
  • Ideal for Feeding Plant-Eating Fish Over Extended Time

Repashy Soilent Green is a nutritious gel food which is water stable for up to 24 hours. It is created using spirulina algae as the main ingredient and is therefore an excellent daily diet for fish such as plecos, African cichlids and many other herbivore fish. This high fiber, vitamin-rich meal is great for snails and other bottom dwellers as well.

Customer Reviews

Based on 212 reviews
Matt H. (Russell Springs, KY, US)
Great food

I bought this food for my corydoras and plecos. But all my fish, shrimp, and snails love it

M (Apopka, FL, US)

You can mix calcium carbonate into it to make a great nutritious Snello (snail food). You can roll skewers in it to make shrimp lollies.

Keely &.M.H. (Maple Valley, WA, US)

Honestly I haven’t used it yet

JoyousOne (Las Vegas, NV, US)
Newby Aquarist Tested, Catfish Approved

My otos and corys gobble this stuff up! And ohmigoodness it's SO easy to mix up! I made a 1 Tbsp batch in a brownie pan, let it cool, peeled it out & then cut it into smol squares - 8x8 for 64 ttl pcs. I then scattered the pieces on a cookie tray and froze overnight; next morning I was able to gather them all up and stuck them in a freezer container - they thaw all on their own when you drop 'em into the tank and now I have fresh-frozen catfish food for TWO MONTHS! #winning!
I will definitely be buying this stuff again... once my bottle runs out, which looks like it won't be anytime soon. Worth the money!!

Tim M. (Destin, FL, US)
Great product.

Excellent product that is good for my fish. I boil the water then add to powder stir and pour into mold. Let sit for 30 minutes and it's ready to use, refrigerate or freeze.