Repashy Soilent Green

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  • Spirulina Algae as Main Ingredient
  • Balanced Diet in Gel Form
  • Ideal for Feeding Plant-Eating Fish Over Extended Time

Repashy Soilent Green is a nutritious gel food which is water stable for up to 24 hours. It is created using spirulina algae as the main ingredient and is therefore an excellent daily diet for fish such as plecos, African cichlids and many other herbivore fish. This high fiber, vitamin-rich meal is great for snails and other bottom dwellers as well.

Customer Reviews

Based on 175 reviews
Aimee (Maplewood, NJ, US)
So easy

We love using Repashy, very easy to make and sets quickly. Our fish love it!

T. (Silver Spring, MD, US)
Fish like it, but know what you are doing

Knowing that platies appreciate some veggies, i purchased this food for them. The platies and the corydoras will eat it, but they dont go crazy for it like they do the wafers. Also be careful not to overfeed, it will cloud your water. Lastly when mixing ADD POWDER FIRST, otherwise it just doesnt work. Overall good food, will keep feeding it. Pleased with ingredients. Will be buying Community Plus soon to mix with this.

Lisa (Mililani Town, HI, US)
Rapashi Soilent Green

This worked well! My 3 Albino Cory Catfish love it!

Mark K. (Denver, CO, US)
New variety of food for my fish

My very large goldfish, albino pleco and Siamese algae eaters all like it!

Jay M.

Bought it for my Hillstream loaches, they seem to have found a new food source