Repashy Super Gold

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  • Nutritious Goldfish Diet in Gel Form
  • Easily Digestible
  • Feeds Fish For Extended Time

Repashy Super Gold is formulated to be an excellent diet for Goldfish. It is easily digestible and is packed full of nutritious ingredients including krill, spirulina algae and black soldier fly larvae. This food naturally brings out vivid colors in fish as well as promotes healthy growth and form. Ideal for goldfish, but can be a great addition to the diets of other fish such as livebearers, community fish, shrimp, crawfish, snails and more.

Customer Reviews

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FyrBoss (Marion, IA, US)
it's like fish a great way!

I've not tried this in previous tanks but when it came highly recommended when setting up my new tank, I figured 'why not"! Super easy to prep and use, I mixed up a small batch and cut it into cubes as needed. I drop one cube, about 1/2" sq once a week and after they explored it the first time for a few minutes, it was, literally devoured. I feed a variety of Extreme pellets, some fresh peas and romaine, kelp, and then one of these babies in rotation...I think the fish treat it like pizza day in 3rd grade, they look forward to it every week!

Kevin O. (Sandown, NH, US)
Best Price

I needed to get some plants so I added this as the co op has the best price. Repashi is a must for me for teh goldfish and I like to have another for everyone else such as the community plus product. it is so easy to make, I use a small tissue culture cup and a table spoon of repashi two and a half or three tablespoons of boiling water and a mix and to the fridge ready for feeding. the product line is somewhat species specific. the goldfish food you can just tell they love it when they start rushing around etc. It does sink t the bottom. I have also mixed medicine into it and even suspended the chunk of medicated food for a fish who only ate in the middle if that makes any sense. You can just make your medicine and skewer a piece of it and suspend it with an elastic or dental floss etc. Great product that will color them up as they say.....Hope that helps

Dana D. (Philadelphia, PA, US)
Perfect for mixing antibiotics

Rapashy is my go-to for mixing antibiotics when my fish is sick. It has superior ingredients & my Cory's, Plecos, mystery snails, & Cichlids love it!

Good stuff.

This has been the best fish food iv ever had!

Shannon S. (Hampton, VA, US)
Love love love!

I stopped feeding my lil fatties pellets altogether. Repashy has become the staple diet I feed my goldfish and plecos. I also supplement with veggies and duckweed (thanks to Cory!) They love the repashy and I cut it into small chunks and stash it all over their tank for enrichment. I just hope that Aquarium Co-op will start to carry the 12oz containers.