Worm Feeder Cone

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  • Less Mess From Feeding Live Food
  • Easy to Attach Suction Cup
  • Holds Up Well Over Time

This feeder cone is great for fish learning to take live foods and for keeping your aquarium a bit less messy from feedings. The cone is designed to keep food in one area for fish to easily access.

It is made out of clear, break-resistant plastic and has a suction cup on one side so you can easily mount it inside your aquarium. Mainly used for feeding live black worms, frozen blood worms.

Customer Reviews

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Virgen T. (Morton Grove, IL, US)
Super fast - great product

The Best

Phoenix (Denver, CO, US)
Using For Alternate Purpose

So my goofy butt was thinking I would use this to feed my betta frozen brine shrimp, but with their different shape than worms I don't think they were poking through the holes so he could reach (and the bloodworms I have are freeze dried). BUT! I had been experimenting with things to try and get spider plant babies to float in the aquarium, and this was PERFECT for that purpose - the shape helps them to stay up (as opposed to flopping over and melting leaves as had happened with other things I tried). Soooooooo I haven't used it to feed frozen worms, but it's GREAT if you'd like to add a spider plant cutting to your tank! I'm super happy I ended up buying it and discovered this use. :)

Suzanne W. (Memphis, TN, US)
Great for frozen food

This is a great feeder for frozen worms/shrimp. My fish learned quickly to eat from it and it keeps un-eaten food from sinking so they can clean it up. I have a 55g with 4 freshwater angels and some corycats.

Danielle S. (Orlando, FL, US)
Worm Feeder Cone works great!

I purchased a Worm Feeder Cone because my pea puffers are afraid of me. They will swim around freely and then hide when I walk by. They have tons of hiding places in their very heavily planted tank. I put the Worm Feeder Cone in a corner plop in a half of a bloodworm cube or brine shrimp cube and wait across the room to make sure that they eat. This also makes cleaning up left over food a breeze. I just take the cone out and dump the leftovers into my platy (garbage disposal) tank.

Tristan S. (New Richmond, WI, US)
Great tool

Only downside is that it doesn't stay on the suction cup but it floats great so it's not a problem.