Xtreme Bottom Wafers

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  • Slow Dissolving
  • Promotes Natural Scraping Habits
  • No Preservatives, No Hormones

This food contains spirulina blue-green algae, green pea and even wood products to encourage the natural eating habit of plecos and other catfish. Xtreme Bottom Wafers are also great for loaches, corydoras, shrimp and even livebearer fry based on our own testing. It holds it shape underwater a bit better than competing products as well. It is fast to sink and slow to dissolve.

Customer Reviews

Based on 277 reviews
Theplatymaster (Silver Spring, MD, US)
All of them love it! 5stars for SURE.

In my 20high community tank i have:
albino cories
mystery snail
panda garra
and they all love this food. The platies will swarm it, the panda garra and the mystery snail do their feeding thing, and even the betta will swim down for a bite.
I love the ingredients, and the instant sink, and my fish and snails love it. Will definetly buy more in the future, I HIGHLY recommend this food.

Alex j. (Rockville Centre, NY, US)

My corydora loves these wafers. Only took a couple seconds for him to get to it. It sinks the second it hits the water unlike other sinking foods I have. I'm sure my shrimp will munch on it too.

Austin R. (Naples, FL, US)
Fish enjoy the food

All fish, especially the bottom dwellers, devour the wafers.

Gary S. (Everett, WA, US)
Great shopping, excellent service!!

I really like this place. The service is superior to most aquarium shops I’ve used. Excellent customer advantage, great prices.

KBOzzie59 (Anacortes, WA, US)
Fish Food

They eat it up. My only complaint is I wish they were larger diameter.