Xtreme Nano Pellets

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  • Ideal Nutrient Balance for Small Fish
  • Natural Ingredients
  • High in Protein

Xtreme Nano is a small 0.5mm sinking pellet food made with natural ingredients with Krill being the first main ingredient. It is great for tetras, rasboras, livebearers, corydoras and more. In fact, most small community fish go nuts for this food. A little bit goes a long way as the protein level is 50%. If you breed fish, raise fry or have a community tank with nano fish, you'll want to try out Xtreme Nano.

Customer Reviews

Based on 327 reviews
Jo Q. (Denver, CO, US)
Great quality food

My WCMM love it. It really brings out the red in them. Easy to feed. Easy to clen up and they love it. Perfect size for the little fish.

Caroline R. (New Berlin, WI, US)
Extreme nano food

I like this food for my baby angelfish and baby plecos. I have noticed that they are increasing in size and appear healthy.

Jose H. (Seattle, WA, US)
Great Food

Love this food. This food is awesome and will definitely buy again.

Shon W. (Mililani Town, HI, US)
My guppies love it, but it does sink quickly!

They eat it up and love it and will even go to the bottom and try to eat the ones that fall to the substrate. Sinks very quickly, but still gets eaten. Try it out! The babies love it and it seems easier for them to eat because the pellets are tiny in size.

Nicholas L. (Delmar, NY, US)

All my fish seem to really like this food. Sinks just enough so that even my cleanup crew can get some