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Mardel Maracyn

$ 11.99
$ 11.99

Maracyn's active ingredient is Erythromycin. The savings come in the large 24 pack or larger over the traditional API Erythromycin. Each packet treats 10 gallons.

Don't confuse this with Maracyn 2, which isn't the same we don't currently carry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Quicker than Amazon

The Maracyn worked as Cory said it would. In addition I ordered the liquid fertilizer he recommended. I just started using it so I do not have a review on it. I did note the liquid fertilizer was shipped in a sealed plastic bag so if it did leak it would be contained. One of those small attention to detail. The shipping was faster than Amazon to Hawaii.

Good Product Needs Better Directions

It works. Would like it if the manufacturer had directions for how to avoid aspirating the stuff.

Like maybe pour it into a container with a lid and some aquarium water and shake it up first, then pour it in the tank- cause just dumping it in sends some of it up into the air, and I don’t need the antibiotics, the fish do!

Just Exactly Perfect

Bought this to treat Cyanobacteria in my Dwarf Puffer tank. The recommended 5 doses demolished it.

Great product.

Ordered this to take care of a bacterial infection my poor fish had. Did't upset my cycle and all my fish are back to their healthy happy selves. The only fish that i lost sadly passed away before we got our shipment.

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