Xtreme Big Fella Pellets

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  • Naturally Color Enhancing
  • Designed for Larger Fish and Aggressive Eaters
  • Contains Natural Protein and Veggies

Xtreme Big Fella Pellets are a great slow sinking 3mm pellet formulated for large cichlids, silver dollars, angels and other aggressive eaters. Great for loaches, and goldfish as well based on our testing. It contains a balanced blend of marine proteins and spirulina blue-green algae. No artificial color enhancers. This food will naturally enhance the coloration of your fish.

Customer Reviews

Based on 108 reviews
Aaron S. (Yelm, WA, US)
Good food fast

Got here quick. My fish love it.

wally h. (Fort Wayne, IN, US)
eazy fish food

my fish love it both bigpellets and little pellets

Benjamin M. (Marietta, GA, US)
Everything in the tank goes bananas.

Doesn't matter how good the food is if they won't eat it! I have always been impressed with extream and this one did not disappoint. Everything from guppies to my Ornimental Bitchire go absolutely crazy when this hits the water.

Cindy W. (Martinsville, IN, US)
Good find!

My Oscar can be picky unless eating things like raw shrimp and bloodworms. Don’t always have the money or the time for that :)
These pellets haven’t been refused yet. What a relief!

William S. (Phoenix, AZ, US)
Great Food!

Great Food. Medium to larger sized fish love it!