Xtreme Big Fella Pellets

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  • Naturally Color Enhancing
  • Designed for Larger Fish and Aggressive Eaters
  • Contains Natural Protein and Veggies

Xtreme Big Fella Pellets are a great slow sinking 3mm pellet formulated for large cichlids, silver dollars, angels and other aggressive eaters. Great for loaches, and goldfish as well based on our testing. It contains a balanced blend of marine proteins and spirulina blue-green algae. No artificial color enhancers. This food will naturally enhance the coloration of your fish.

Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews
Z C.S.t.1. (Cairo, NY, US)
Great food

Good price great food

Steven K. (Myrtle Beach, SC, US)
Blue spotted sunfish food

I have 5 Blue-spotted sunfish, Enneacanthus gloriosis, and they have taken voraciously to this pellet food. I needed a prepared food that would give more balance in their diet and this product hit the mark.

Dan (Indianapolis, IN, US)
It's food. The fish like it. Good ingredients.

What more can I say? Aquarium co-op doesn't sell what they wouldn't use themselves.

Kristie M. (Boise, ID, US)
Great staple food

I feed this food to all my larger fish, such as African and South African cichlids.

Ken J. (Arlington, TX, US)
Big Fella Pellets loved by my large Ranchus

All 4 of my Ranchu Goldfish love the food. Now of course I have not found anything they do not like. It sinks quickly which is perfect since only my large orange Ranchu Torpedo will eat from the surface.