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  • Nutritious Goldfish Diet in Gel Form
  • Easily Digestible
  • Feeds Fish For Extended Time

Repashy Super Gold is formulated to be an excellent diet for Goldfish. It is easily digestible and is packed full of nutritious ingredients including krill, spirulina algae and black soldier fly larvae. This food naturally brings out vivid colors in fish as well as promotes healthy growth and form. Ideal for goldfish, but can be a great addition to the diets of other fish such as livebearers, community fish, shrimp, crawfish, snails and more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Marci S. (Grants Pass, OR, US)
Everyone loves it

We use Repashy across several aquariums with many different species of critters. The Super Gold sets a little less strongly than the other mixes, so a little Grub Pie mixed in with it will help it set more firmly, and more importantly, not fall apart in the course of a week in the fridge. No one has rejected it yet. Aquarium Co Op has a fabulous selection, more by far than my small town local store does (though I support them where I can). Shipping is so fast, its easer than driving!

Edna M. (San Juan, PR)
Great Product

My goldfish love it! You can see their colors change and brighten in a couple of weeks after starting on Super Gold. I will not be without it.

Ken J. (Arlington, TX, US)
Repashy Super Gold - My Goldfish love it

My 3 fancy goldfish love the Repashy Super Gold. They tear into like sharks. It is simple to make. I cut it up into small blocks, freeze and them feed what I need. The order process was simple and quick and I received the package within a couple of days.

Joh (Conroe, TX, US)
My ranchus love it!

They eat it voraciously and it keeps them from having swim bladder problems. If I tried feeding them regular 'dried' fish food, one of my fish would start to tilt to the side, or seem to struggle with being too buoyant. This keeps her swimmin' easy :)

Anna S. (Lanesboro, MN, US)
Awesome fish food!!

I love this fish food. It's the first gel fish food I've tried, and my 2 comet goldfish LOVE it! I used gummy bear molds to make fish food gummy bears, and it's adorable. Love the ingredient list, and I feel great about feeding this food to my fish. The only thing is when I thaw the gel food I've frozen, it gets a weird texture. The goldfish don't seem to mind at all though.