Cryptocoryne Lucens

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  • Slow Growing
  • Low Light
  • Carpeting

Cryptocoryne lucens grows to about 3 inches typically. It makes a great foreground to midground plant due to its smaller size. Crypt lucens does well under low light and grows fairly slowly.

It will send out runners as it grows and will eventually form a dense, bushy carpet of narrow, bright green leaves even without high light. But, it takes quite a bit of time. For a faster carpet effect, use multiple pots of Cryptocoryne lucens.

Customer Reviews

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Michelle (Las Vegas, NV, US)

Always wonderful. Packaged really well. Starting to prefer the potted plants bcz of the chance to get more than one in a pot.

Denise T. (Brunswick, OH, US)
Cryptocoryne Lucens

Beautiful Healthy Plant. So easy to grow. I just add in easy green to my tank once a week and it looks great. The plants that I have gotten from Aquarium Co-Op are always beautiful. I will be buying more!!!!

Mark K. (Fullerton, CA, US)
First order

This was my first order with Aquarium Co-Op and I was completely happy with it. Packaged with care and no problems. The Cryptocoryne Lucens I got were packaged nicely and they seem to be doing well so far. I thought the melting would be faster, but so far, I've only cut off a few leaves that started showing yellowing and melting. Most of the remaining leaves still look good and green. Not sure overall how they will do and how long it will take to carpet the foreground of my tank, but if they do end up dying, I will take responsibility for it since they were completely healthy and packaged well upon arrival. Completely happy with Aquarium Co-Op so far and I've emailed their customer service with questions prior to even ordering from them and they responded quickly and answered my questions. I used to get almost all my aquarium supplies from Amazon, but I will be going out of my way to get what I can from Aquarium Co-Op to support this small business and hope they continue to help us with this great hobby. Their customer service seems to be second to none and that definitely keeps customers coming back for more. Thanks.

Amy B. (Somerville, MA, US)
Great Plants and Amazing Customer Service

Aquarium Co-Op really knocks it out of the park. Their plants are always shipped super fast and arrive looking great. I've ordered many times from them. My most recent order was the acceptation. The order showed shipped same day and after about 7 or 8 days it still hadn't arrived. Tracking showed my package still in San Francisco. This was obviously an issue with the post office and not Aquarium Co-Op. I send an email to the Aquarium Co-Op team just to let them know because this might be effecting more customers. They immediately replied to my email thanking me for letting them know. They also preemptively sent out another order of the 1 plant in my order to ensure I received a healthy plant. Top notch customer service!

David H. (New Haven, CT, US)

Quality crypts.