Cryptocoryne Wendtii Red

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  • Bronze to Red Color
  • Low Light
  • Easy to Grow

Cryptocoryne wendtii is one of the most common plants within the aquarium trade. It quickly became quite popular due to its hardiness, easy of care and because it thrives even in low light. This medium-sized crypt has ruffled, pointed leaves which will be bronze to red in color and it makes for an excellent midground plant in your aquarium.

C. wendtii will reach a height of around 8 inches, though it does not grow particularly fast. It will send out runner plants as it grows which will form new plants.

Customer Reviews

Based on 354 reviews
Cheryl S. (Kansas City, KS, US)
Awesome cryptocorne red wendtii

My plants came very well packed and larger than I expected! This was my first time ordering from aquarium coop, and I'm impressed with the quality of the plants. Will definitely be ordering again!

Jenn (Flagstaff, AZ, US)

Very healthy! I got two of these plants and they seem to be doing great! Very happy with my purchase!

Cole S. (Gardena, CA, US)
Great plants

I ordered eight plants from Aquarium Co-Op. They arrived individually packaged in an insulated bag, in great condition. The plants are healthy and parasite free, and thriving in my aquarium. I would highly recommend Aquarium Co-Op for your plant needs

Steven E. (Kenner, LA, US)
First attempt at plants in my aquarium

The plants came in looking surprisingly well in spite of the fact that it took five days to get here with a weekend and holiday. Only a few shed leaves and some are putting out very long runners and spreading after only two weeks. Very happy and anxious to see the progress in another month.

John L. (Midlothian, VA, US)
Great choice!

I shipped this poor plant, plus others, across the country to Virginia. It showed up in great condition, well packaged, and showed up on time. I will keep ordering from your company, I also love your easy green ferts, makes tank care just that much more simple.