Banana Plant

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  • Unique Banana Shape
  • Easy Care
  • Grows Lily Pads

Banana plants have been a staple of the aquarium hobby for many years. They're loved for both their ease of care and visual impact. The banana plant gets its name because it's tubers (where nutrients are stored) are shaped like a bunch of bananas.

Once established, banana plants will send up wavy, green leaves under the surface while also sending tall shoots to the surface where it will produce lily pads. When this happens, check to make sure your other plants aren't being shaded out by the lily pads and trim if necessary.

Customer Reviews

Based on 580 reviews
Mary E. (Charlotte, NC, US)
Immediately growing.

Awesome purchase! I'm so excited to see it growing within two weeks.

Liz H. (Phoenix, AZ, US)
Happy little plants

Plants arrived happy and healthy!! They look great and are thriving in the tank. Aquarium coop is my go to choice

Sherry P. (Leawood, KS, US)
Cute plant

This is an easy and cute plant, it's already growing new leaves, and is a great addition to any aquarium

Bhavna C. (Rochester, MN, US)
Banana Plant

Received my Banana plant healthy and alive and is doing great in my heavily planted dirtied tank! So many leaves!

Michael A. (Oklahoma City, OK, US)
Arrived as expected!

Banana plant came healthy with nice plump rhizomes and a few roots coming put of the bottom. Beginners: make sure NOT to bury the "bananas" more than about one-third into your substrate or your plant will rot.