Cryptocoryne Lutea

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  • Easy to Grow
  • Low Light
  • Medium Size

Cryptocoryne Lutea is a medium-sized crypt with long stems and pointed, green leaves and grows more upright than many other crypts. It will grow to 6-8 inches in height and therefore does well as a midground plant in your aquarium.

It also does very well under low light and will produce runners which will root and form new plants, though growth is slow for these crypts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 223 reviews
George Y. (Columbus, OH, US)
Great plants

Great plants, fast shipping.
What more could you want!

Patrick P. (Johnson City, TN, US)

came in healthy, though leaning. It's slowly straightening up. Two decent bunches but roots so strongly intertwined it had to be planted as one to avoid damage. No real melt so far

Alex j. (The Bronx, NY, US)
Love this plant!!

Got my first crypt lutea yesterday and it came in perfect condition! Such a gorgeous plant! And I must say I got only one pot but I got 8 plantlets out of it insane! I couldn't put them all in the tank I was re doing so some went into another tank and look forward to seeing them grow and do well. Aquarium co op you guys are amazing!

Maggie O. (Calabash, NC, US)
Healthy Plant

The cyrtocoryne lutea shipped within a reasonable time and came well protected from the heat of a southern NC summer! "Lucy Lutea" was in very good condition, a nice green color and had plenty of healthy roots and leaves. Only one small leaf was "melted." After about a week in the tank a few other leaves melted which is normal, but I stayed the course, gave her a small dose of fertilizer, checked water and light parameters, and now she's doing very well. New leaves and roots have grown. Never had a "crypt" before and I'm glad I haven't killed her--yet! (I figured if I named her, I'd have better luck) :) Would order from these folks again. Quality products and good service.

Adam Y. (Hendersonville, NC, US)
Great plant!

Ordered this with a few others, looks great and adapted well and quickly. Honestly wish I got more.