Cryptocoryne Parva

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  • Carpeting Plant
  • Nano Plant
  • Low Light

Cryptocoryne parva is unique in that it is one of few foreground, carpeting plants that thrives under low light. It is also one of the smallest crypt species at only a couple inches tall. It has deep green, slender leaves which look almost grassy in appearance. As it grows, it will send out runners which will grow into new plants.

Crypt parva grows extremely slowly, however. So, a lush carpet of crypt parva requires some patience. We recommend using multiple pots to speed up the process.

Customer Reviews

Based on 191 reviews
john j. (Levittown, NY, US)

Very nice healthy plants thank you

Amy F. (Seattle, WA, US)

Cryptocoryne Parva

Alexander D. (Elkridge, MD, US)
Almost no melt

Crypt parva arrived happy and healthy, almost no melting, got 5 or so decent sized pieces from the pot, divided between by 10g and 25g tanks with the other plants from Co-op!

Terry M. (Fall River, MA, US)
Healthy Crypt Parva with Fast Shipping

Crypt Parva arrived nice and healthy and was shipped right away. It was well packaged with other items that I ordered also. I highly recommend buying from ACO!!!

MARK D. (Oregon, IL, US)
Cryptocoryne Parva

The plant arrived in great condition and is doing well in my small guppy aquarium.
I plan on getting a 20 Gallon tank after the holidays and plan on getting my plants from Aquarium co-op. And stocking the 20 Gallon with cory catfish and cardinal neons.