Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green

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  • Easy to Grow
  • Root Feeder
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Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Green' is a variant of crypt wendtii and has the same care requirements. It does not require high light and will grow to about 6-8 inches in height making it an ideal midground plant in aquascaping. Unlike regular crypt wendtii, crypt wendtii 'Green' will produce deep green, ruffled leaves, which makes this plant stand out in any tank.

Crypt wendtii 'Green' is a rather slow grower, but will produce runners which will eventually grow into new plants.

Customer Reviews

Based on 311 reviews
Mandy R. (Sheridan, WY, US)
Arrived perfect

Arrived, healthy and happy and is doing great

K (Moses Lake, WA, US)
Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green

Looked great on arrival. Great size. No melting.

Andre (North Hills, CA, US)
Great little plant

Plant got delayed during shipping thanks to bad weather for a couple days. Even so plant still arrived very green (even more green than some plants I’ve bought from LFS). Plant seems to be adjusting well to the tank.

Austin F. (Warrenton, MO, US)
Nice looking plant.

Good looking plant. Threw a root tab in the Rockwood and letting it acclimate in my rank for a bit before I plant it. Looks great and I'm sure it will grow well like all my other crypts

Andy (Lake Stevens, WA, US)

Very satisfied with my plant purchase. The plant is very healthy and thriving in its new environment!