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  • Stem Plant
  • Good for Beginners
  • Tall Growth

Moneywort is an easy stem plant to grow. It is quite hardy and does best under medium to higher lighting. It can get quite tall if left untrimmed, but it does grow on the slower side. Because it can get so tall, it makes an excellent background plant and will give fish and fry a place to hide and feel secure.

Moneywort features small, bright green leaves which will add detail to any aquarium and make for an eye-catching back drop. Another fun way to plant Moneywort is to let it float and the stems will grow up out of the water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 170 reviews
Jason B. (Virginia Beach, VA, US)
Good portion, very healthy

A healthy portion in both size and quality, has stayed healthy and started to grow right away and really well.

Andrew W.
Arrived in great condition

I bought one pot of moneywort and in the pot were five separate plants. I was very satisfied with the condition they arrived in(no damage to speak of and in good health) and the amount I received for one pot. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone looking to acquire some moneywort for their aquarium.

Stephen (King George, VA, US)
Very pleased

I’ve had this plant before in my tanks as a beginner and it never worked out. However now with more knowledge and lots of binge watching aquarium co op on YouTube and a few others I have been vey successful in growing not only this plant but many others. I have never had any problems with any plants from aquarium co op never and I live on the east coast.

Boni (Bradenton, FL, US)
Great and wonderful

I’m a repeat buyer and YouTube subscriber. I’m having to start a new nano tank and needed good hardy easy plants.

William H. (Puyallup, WA, US)

Doing very well. Planted per the staff recommendation. Very healthy from day one.