Rotala H’ra

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  • Orange-pink coloration in high light
  • Feathery, pine-needle-like texture
  • Great stem plant for high tech planted tanks 

Rotala h'ra is a popular stem plant because of its gorgeous, sunset hues of orange, pink, and red under high lighting. Plus, its feathery, thin leaves provide an interesting texture to the midground or background of the tank. Give it plenty of light, nutrients, and CO2, and it will reward you with vibrant  coloration and creeping growth via side shoots.

Note: when you first receive the plant, the leaves were grown out of water and may have round, coin-like leaves (seen in the first and second photo). These leaves will melt back so the plant can produce new leaves that are grown underwater, which looks like short pine needles (seen in the third photo).

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lauren N. (Bonney Lake, WA, US)
Exceptional Staff, Excellent Freshwater Selection

We loved the support from Aquarium Co-op's staff (so knowledgeable and friendly!) and were so impressed by their freshwater fish and plant selection. Highly recommend a visit!

Anthonis R. (Fresno, CA, US)
Rotala Rotundifolia ‘H’ra’

The shipping was fast and the plant is thriving even though it got shipped through high 100 degree heat.

Adam T. (Baltimore, MD, US)
unfortunately didn't work out.

This plant unfortunately did not live past the first day in my aquarium. When I got it out of the package it already looked pretty beat up from UPS not really caring about handling the package well. That plus having to convert from emersed to submerged in a low tech tank just was not going to work. So immediately, this plant died on me. I don't blame anyone except UPS and maybe a little bit on me for not floating the plant to try and bring it back to life before putting it in the substrate. However, all the other plants I got with this order are thriving!